Book the Truck for a Holiday Party or Special Event

Looking for a new option to cater a party? We can cater your companies holiday party or any special event. Contact us at for bookings.

One response to “Book the Truck for a Holiday Party or Special Event

  1. Seriously, we had a big event with 100+ of our nearest and dearest, spent a lot of $$ getting local catering for heavy snackage, and had American Meltdown in addition.

    Of all the things in our night of fun and shenanigans, what I keep hearing over and over is that the grilled cheeses and soups were the MOST AMAZING things that anyone had EVER tasted. I mean – OVER AND OVER! We’ve also heard a lot of people lamenting that they didn’t think to get a 2nd sandwich to go….it was that awesome.

    And having a food truck do part of the catering could NOT be easier – they take care of EVERYTHING! We were able to customize the menu, Paul created 2 new sandwiches and a new soup (corn chowder with bacon….) to meet our requests, and the whole thing went swimmingly!!! These are good, friendly, happy, and talented people, and your guests will leave happy, remembering the goodness of the warm melty cheesy crusty deliciousness you offered them.

    Thanks again for everything, Paul, Alycia, and gang!

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